Hands-on Experience

This is a multifaceted education designed to accelerate you through life. Ferris was founded to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to make an impact right away. Here, you benefit from small class sizes, industry-specific instruction, and one-on-one career advice, getting you closer to your craft right from the start.

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Looking at a hands-on experience, Ferris was, kind of, founded on that. So, I think, for us to carry that on is a pretty big deal. So when you're talking about the music entertainment business, we're looking at different opportunities every day that are relatable to real world experiences. So it's not just lecture. It's setting up microphones, and PA speakers, and sound boards, and mixing, and lighting, and all of those things. So we definitely have a lot of hands on opportunities for our students.

In dental hygiene we're working with models, learning the arteries and veins, and then we move into the patient treatment clinic, which has 29 chairs. And we actually treat patients from surrounding communities. So what equipment that the students are using in the clinic is what they're going to see out in private practice. So we want to take from what we're doing in lecture, bring it into the lab and the clinic settings so that they're prepared to really engage and activate either on patient treatment or in partner pair with a student.

My hands-on experiences have been a lot through the athletic program, working with the hockey team, broadcasting their games for the division one level, or traveling with the football team on their national championship run. All that stuff is so invaluable and stuff that you can't get just in the classroom.

This means our students go out on internship, and when they start their career they're ahead of their peers who've graduated from other programs because of just how much hands-on experience they've had in the classroom.

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