Career Services

The Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services offers lifelong assistance throughout the careers of students and alumni of Ferris State University. We help Bulldogs grow professionally, find opportunities, and connect with employers for internships and jobs.

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Career services is available to any student or alumni at Ferris State University for life. And from career planning to career research, learning how to articulate your skill sets, through gaining opportunities to connect with the employers, we help through the whole process.

We offer a variety of workshops, including resume preparation, interviewing skills, soft skills development, experiential learning opportunities, salary negotiations, and evaluating employment offers. So there's really a variety of different topics and workshops that we provide.

Career fairs are super important. I think the reason why is we're bringing in employers that are from national companies, as well as smaller organizations to campus to talk with students. And there's a level of comfort that students can actually get by going out and talking with these employers.

I've watched students actually land really big opportunities. And you have to start somewhere. So it doesn't really matter what level you're at. Internships are a huge part of what we do. And that's where students really learn what they don't want to do and what they actually do want to follow through with for their career.

Just put yourself out there. Get the experience as a volunteer. Then step up to the plate for an internship. More often than not, they leave with jobs.

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