Student Support Services

We offer support services and resources to help you meet your goals, whether you need to decide what to major in or just get a little help with math homework. Our Academic Literacies Center provides assistance through tutoring services, study skills assistance, and workshops. The Birkam Health Center operates like a family doctor, providing services related to injuries, illness prevention, women’s health, and more, in addition to free counseling.

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One of the unique aspects of Ferris is our focus on helping the individual. And one of the ways we do that is through a dedicated center in our library. And that dedicated center is a one-stop shop. It provides students with an opportunity to engage in tutoring, writing support. We're also thinking about the individual condition and the impact of the environment on that individual while they're attending Ferris State University.

At the health center, we operate like your family doctor does. So we will see you for injury, illness, preventative care, women's health care. So we offer a wide range of health services at Birkham. The services that we offer at the counseling center would be one-on-one individual counseling with a licensed counselor that is good for mental health purposes. And that is offered free for students.

One of the unique aspects of Ferris State University is our distinction under the law to provide and to make eligible TIP, which is the Tuition Incentive Program scholarship through the state of Michigan. Students who are attending Ferris have the ability to decrease their cost of attendance for the first two years of college. It's a pretty unique advantage.

Educational Counseling and Disability services is an office that supports everyone in the Ferris community. And for individuals who have a disability and are working through the accommodation process, our staff will work with students to help support their equal opportunity to be successful.

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