Affording Ferris

Dedicated to affordability, we offer the same tuition rate for all undergrads, whether they’re Michigan natives, or from another part of the U.S. or Canada. In the last academic year, we awarded more than $29 million in institutional scholarships and grants, moving nearly 7,000 students closer to their career. Whether you're looking for scholarship opportunities or have questions about how FAFSA works, our advisors can help guide you through the financial aid process and provide tools to help control expenses and manage debt.

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The board of trustees here at Ferris State University, as well as our president and higher administration, are all dedicated to ensuring that our education is very affordable for our students. All of the costs that the student is paying will be all-inclusive.

We have one tuition rate for all undergrad students. Any student from the United States or from Canada pays the same tuition rate as a Michigan resident. And that's an extreme value.

Of course, we process all federal financial aid. We process TIP, Tuition Incentive Program, for the state of Michigan. We have athletic scholarships. We have recruiting scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students as well as about 400 scholarships for students that are continuing at Ferris each year.

We are dedicated to educating students and the parents about the financial aid process. No one is born knowing anything about financial aid. It's something you have to learn. And until you need to know it, it's not something a lot of people know about. We are happy to educate them on what they need to know.

There's a lot of value in our education that we offer here. We're a hands-on institution. It's very career-oriented. So we're meeting students where they're at as far as their academic, their experience that they've had in the field prior, and making sure that they're getting all of the skills and abilities necessary, and opportunities here at our campus as well as through internship opportunities, to hit the ground running once they graduate from Ferris.

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