We were founded in 1884 on the principle of education for all. That’s why students can apply to Ferris State University for FREE online. There are multiple pathways to Admission to Ferris and we work with our students every step of the way throughout the process. We also offer Daily Visits and Dawg Days to help you to get to know our campus and get your questions answered.

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Here at Ferris, we have a number of visit opportunities that we provide our students, whether it be on a Saturday visit to join in on some of our Dog Day visitation opportunities, or it's a daily visit where a student can come in, receive a presentation by an admissions recruiter, get a tour of campus, and also enjoy a meal on our campus.

Our application process starts on our website by going to our homepage. The student will then fill out their high school information, other institution information if they're a transfer student, biographical information. They'll actually select their interest or their program of interest that they'll have.

We have a rolling admissions deadline. So we actually accept students closer to the start of the semester. We'd recommend that a student would apply early to get through the process. But we'll work with them all way up until about the start of the classes.

The test-optional admissions pathway is something that we started this past Fall. If a student has a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, they can actually select to opt out of sending their test scores to us. So that ACT or SAT test score, they wouldn't necessarily have to send that to us.

We were actually founded back in 1884 here at Ferris State University based on the idea of opportunity for education for all. And so we really have stayed true to that philosophy of providing those educational opportunities to anybody that is seeking it.

We have our minimum requirements. But we have some flexibility in those requirements. Ultimately, if a student's goal is to come to Ferris State University, we are working diligently with that student to ensure that we're meeting their goals and giving them that opportunity to attend Ferris State University.

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