Residence Life & Dining

When it comes to housing and food, we have plenty of options. You can live in a residence hall with a roommate or alone, in a suite, or in an apartment. Our two large, all you care to eat dining cafés offer a variety of meal options at an extraordinary quality. We even accommodate special dietary needs with the help of our on-staff dietitian.

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Ferris State has many options for housing on campus. So when you come in as a freshman, you can live in a double or single. But you can stay on campus for all four years. We have a lot of variety halls on campus, both north, south and west side of campus. And we also have East Campus suites and West Campus apartments.

Once you're accepted as a student, you're able to take the YADA assessment. It's a roommate matching program that will help match you with either a roommate or a suite mate.

Our students are required to live on campus for one year unless they're over the age of 19, or within 50 miles radius of the college itself. The biggest benefit of requiring students to live on campus to me, is that they get that community of being able to see other students, become friends with them, have that social aspect that you can only get coming into the dining hall and meeting new people.

So the dining facilities that we have, and the options, are multifaceted here on campus. We have two very large all-you-care-to-eat dining cafes. One is The Rock which is open from 7:00 AM to midnight seven days a week. And the Cloud Cafe which is located in the University Center.

We accommodate people with special dietary needs, whether it be allergens or intolerances, through our registered dietitian that we have on staff here. We have a tremendous amount of variety and options. They're very neat, clean, well-organized. The food quality that we put out is extraordinary for dining services here on campus.

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