A Vibrant, Creative Community

It’s easy to be inspired by your surroundings, your fellow students, and the faculty at Kendall College of Art and Design. The city of Grand Rapids is known for art, so there are plenty of opportunities to attend gallery openings and meet the artists. As a student, you will enjoy unique studio rooms, the opportunity to diversify your skills by learning from others, and the freedom to personalize the skills you learn to match your goals.

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Being in Grand Rapids, you have so many opportunities. There's so many different things to do, so many different restaurants, so many activities. Grand Rapids, in general, is known for art and how much the community is connected to the art-design world, because of ArtPrize and First Fridays. So the first Friday of every month, there's gallery openings typically. So you can go to First Fridays, and meet artists, and see their path.

The studio rooms here are very convenient places to work. There are so many little places to go off, and hide, and do your work. The fifth floor is just a furniture lab, where it's just like a room full of chairs. You can just go in there and get inspired by something. So you got to find the spots, but there are definitely some places where you can look to be inspired, depending on what you're working on.

I love the fashion lab. It's probably where I spend most of my time. I do love the space. I love all of the amazing equipment that we have, just seeing the dress forms, the mannequins, going into the classroom-- which is the room we're in now-- all of the sewing machines, the big wood tables, having so much space to pull out your pattern paper as well as your fabric. The fact that KCAD had this space, I was really drawn towards.

I'm very inspired by the fellow students that I am on the same floor as, because everybody has a little bit of a different aim, a different style, and different goal with what they want to do. So I get to look at what they're doing and learn something from them, which is way different than what I'm after. But it helps me diversify. And then the faculty here is awesome. I think that's honestly my favorite part about being at Kendall They very much personalize the skills that you need to learn to what you are trying to accomplish as an artist in your career.

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