Why Choose a Life of Creativity?

Your life of creativity can take flight at Kendall College of Art and Design. Our students problem solve, try new things, grow their functional skills, explore higher level thinking, change perspectives, give back to communities, and start companies—all through being creative.

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A lot of the creative process here is even just problem solving. There are different opportunities to try different things that you wouldn't necessarily get to do in the real world. But then a lot of the thinking at KCAD allows me to, kind of, engage my functional skills but also engage, like, the higher level of thinking that I think a lot of people want to do in graphic design. They just don't get the opportunity to. It's a lot of, like, how do you take the skills you've been learning so far and put that into a bigger level thinking for clients or even just for yourself.

My goal would be to really change our perspective on the built environment. Everything that we touch, everything that we see is designed. Somebody had to design it. I love going to a space, say a cafe, and somebody walks in and pulls out their phone and starts taking pictures of the space. Because then you know, "OK, this designer did something right." We're all creating. We're all figuring out how art impacts the world. So it's kind of interesting to see how we can all come together and this one small place.

I want to give back to my communities and the communities that have helped raise me and that I've known my whole life. One of those being summer camps. And using product design I can do that by just going in and finding out what are the problems. What are some of the emerging or existing issues that they face today? I've gone out and started a company around this idea that just started with me going and asking what are some of the biggest issues that you see and building a project around their needs.

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