The majority of Ferris students are employed before graduation. It’s no surprise, then, that our alumni are succeeding in all aspects of the economy, all across the county. Better yet, our alumni are active in the community and give back by mentoring current students.

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Our alumni are succeeding in all walks of life, all across the spectrum of all the programs we offer. And they're doing this success not only in our state, but across the country as well.

We're very fortunate because we have alums throughout the economy working in all different aspects. The majority of our students are employed before they graduate. And that's a big relief for not only our students, but our parents.

Our alums are pretty active after graduation. We offer a range of opportunities for them to get involved. We have alumni events in Michigan. We have alumni events outside of Michigan. We have opportunities here on campus. We offer opportunities for them to come back and speak to other students and tell their stories. We offer them opportunities to be mentors to students. So alums have numerous ways to give back once they graduate and still have that Bulldog tag.

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