Student Employment

At Ferris State University, it’s easy to earn money and gain work experience, all while keeping your focus on your classes. We hire over 2,000 students every semester for on campus jobs in housing, dining, athletics, the health center, and more.

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We have a great student employment system at Ferris. We hire over 2,000 students every semester to cover jobs ranging from dining services all the way to manning the housing desks on each floor of the residence halls, or even lifeguarding positions, athletic positions. There's a lot of different opportunities to work on campus.

We do have options for students to work in both the Health Center and the Counseling Center. And they would work as support staff. Those are people who help us schedule appointments, answer phones, and answer any questions that patients might have.

And we think that's a great aspect of the Health and the Counseling Center is that people can come in, maybe if they're in the health care field or want to go in the health care field, they can get a little bit of experience/ firsthand knowledge of how a Health Center or a Counseling Center works.

As a student worker, they give you a lot of leeway with your schedule. So if you have class and stuff like that, all you've got to do is block it out. You don't have to worry about working when you have class.

They're really good about changing your schedule if you have a group project come up last-minute, or getting it covered by another student. It's really great because being in college, you kind of need that freedom a little bit, because you never know when something's going to come up in class, and class always comes first.

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