You deserve a personal, practical education. To us, that means that you’ll never be a nameless face in a crowded classroom; instead, our professors will know you by name and help you succeed. At Ferris State, 80 percent of classes have fewer than 25 students, so that you can get the full benefit of our innovative instruction, one-on-one career advice, and professional connections.

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The caliber of faculty here at Ferris is amazing. I'm celebrating my 15th year here, and we've had the same core group of faculty for the 15 years that I've been here.

I think Ferris University values that you have experience in the field. And so our faculty here, and certainly in the school of digital media, we have faculty who have degrees in education, but they also have professional experiences. In the classroom, I just think that's invaluable.

What's unique about us is that we actually have students that we are set to advise, which means that I advise a set group of students from the start, point A, to the finishing at point B. And so where some programs, faculty members might be bounced around to different students or students might be bounced around to different faculty members, I pretty much have a set group that I get to know all the way throughout the process. And we know their goals, their dreams, and how we can help them maximize their efforts.

I have had so many opportunities since I have been here to do research with one of my professors. All of the math professors told us about the projects that they wanted to work on, and they were, like, soliciting students to come on board and do the work with them.

Our faculty here at Ferris, they're always around. They're always willing to help. They're always accepting questions. And if you can't find them, you can just go to the next faculty person's office. Everybody is just willing to, like, jump on board and help out.

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