University Recreation

The Ferris University Recreation center offers four basketball courts, a weight room, two fitness studios, a pool, a hot tub, and more, free to all students. Our newly-renovated facility is full of modern equipment, has a lobby perfect for hanging out, and is home to intramurals and 30 different club sports run by students

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So here at the rec center, we have four basketball courts for students to play basketball. We have a weight room. We have two fitness studios. And we have a pool and a hot tub as well. It's free to all students, as long as you're enrolled in any credits. So there is no cost for the university student recreation center.

There's nice new equipment. It's modern. It gives people a chance to maybe hang out in the lobby, do homework. So there's just not a lot of people here. And it's been a great addition to our university, I think.

We offer a wide range of intramural sports throughout the year, from flag football, softball, indoor and outdoor soccer. We offer 30 clubs sports, such as equestrian, golf, soccer, baseball. We have some racing sports-- so really, a wide range of clubs sports. Those are run by our students.

It's been pretty great being involved in club sports. I met a lot of my friends that I'm still friends with my freshman year on the baseball team. It does get busy some weeks because we do practice every day, pretty much. But I wouldn't change it for the world. It's been a great experience.

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