Bulldog Pride

At Ferris State University, we have Bulldog Pride in our men’s and women’s athletic teams. As a community, we get to know our athletes and wear crimson and gold to celebrate their hard work and success. Whether you’re interested in playing on the field or cheering from the crowd, our volleyball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, softball, and soccer teams never disappoint.

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So our Ferris State University athletics are amazing as a whole. The women's volleyball team has been ranked number one in the nation a couple of different times, as well as the football team and the men's basketball team coming off national championship runs, and capturing an actual national championship.

And then you're always seeing a lot of success within the hockey program. Our tennis team and our golf teams are always doing amazing, as well as our softball and our soccer programs.

As a member of the women's volleyball team here at Ferris State University, I had the opportunity to win three GLIAC championships. And they're now on their fifth straight. So it's a real testament to how hard we work day in and day out to maintain that level of success.

In terms of the athletics and the student support, it's so much fun. It's this small town feel, even though it's a bigger environment. But when you go to the football games, when you go to the basketball games, and you go to hockey games, everyone's wearing their Bulldog gear. They're out there cheering for the teams. And it's cool, because it's small, but a lot of times you have classes with the athletes, so you know the athletes one on one. So it just makes it that much more fun to go and cheer them on.

I got to make some of the best friends of my life on my team, as well as the opportunity to grow successfully as a student, academically, professionally, athletically, for me was outstanding. I think the opportunities presented here with caring faculty, hands-on experiences in your major, and then support from all of this university staff is unlike any other.

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