Graduate Programs

Graduate programs at Ferris State University are designed to allow professionals to earn a degree while balancing school, work, and family. We also make it easy for current students to enter directly into a graduate program right after obtaining a bachelor's degree. There are opportunities in the fields of healthcare, business, or education and some degrees can be completed entirely

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We offer a variety of graduate programs here at Ferris. We have our Master's of Health Care Administration as well as our Master's of Nursing and Masters of Public Health. We also have programs in the College of Business, where we have our Master's of Business Administration, our Master's of Information Security and Intelligence. And then we have our programs in education, where we have our Career and Technical Education Master's Programs.

And so a lot of those programs are going to be something that students can obtain the bachelor's degrees and necessary degrees here at Ferris to enter directly into those master's programs. Or they're also designed for the working professional to allow them to balance working, maybe having a family, and still being able to obtain that higher degree.

Our professors are all very understanding. That's one unique thing here about Ferris is you get the opportunity to work with individuals that they may have their doctorate degree. But a lot of times, they bring more work experience. And what they're able to do is understand, "hey, you have a busy schedule." If you need to adjust an assignment by a couple of days, you need to turn in a paper a couple of days early, there's going to be opportunities there for you.

Well, there are a lot of programs here at Ferris where you're able to continue your education all online. So being able to utilize that online forum, you're able to take those online classes and make Ferris your home from the comfort of your own couch or living room.

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